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Fernán Federici
Associated Researcher
Pontificia Universidad Católica
Federici Lab



Pollak, B., Cerda, A., Delmans, M., Alamos, S., Moyano, T., West, A., Gutierrez, R. A.,Patron, N. J., Federici, F.,and Haseloff, J. 2019. Loop assembly: a simple and open system for recursive fabrication of DNA circuits. New Phytol. 222:628–640 [Article]?


Kan, A., Del Valle, I., Rudge, T., Federici, F.,and Haseloff, J. 2018. Intercellular adhesion promotes clonal mixing in growing bacterial populations. J. R. Soc. Interface. 15:20180406  [Article]?

Zúñiga, A., Fuente, F. D. La, Federici, F., Lionne, C., Bônnet, J., De Lorenzo, V., and González, B. 2018. An Engineered Device for Indoleacetic Acid Production under Quorum Sensing Signals Enables Cupriavidus pinatubonensis JMP134 to Stimulate Plant Growth. ACS Synth. Biol. 7:1519–1527 [Article??]


Nuñez I, Matute T, Herrera R, Keymer J, Marzullo T, Rudge T, Federici F.  Low cost and open source multi-fluorescence imaging system for teaching and research in biology and bioengineering. PLoS ONE, 2017, 12(11): e0187163
preprint at Biorxiv
all raw data, code, sequence files, protocols and design files at GithubOpenScienceFrameworkDocubricks and protocols.io_1_2, _3

Nuñez I., Matute T., Del Valle I., Kan A., Choksi A.,  Endy D., Haseloff J., Rudge T., and  Federici F. Artificial symmetry-breaking for morphogenetic engineering bacterial colonies. ACS Synth. Biol., 2017, 6 (2), pp 256–265
all raw data, sequence files, code, and protocols at Github, OpenScienceFramework, and protocols.iO


Grant P., Dalchau N., Brown J., Federici F., Rudge T., Yordanov B., Patage O., Phillips A., and Haseloff J. Orthogonal intercellular signaling for programmed spatial behaviour. 2016. Mol Sys Biol. 12 (1):849.

*Rudge T., *Brown J.,*Federici F., Dalchau N., Phillips A., Ajioka J.. and Haseloff J. Characterization of intrinsic properties of promoters. 2015. ACS Synth. Biol., 2016, 5 (1), pp 89–98,
(*joint first author)

Ochoa A,  Federici F,  Grünberg R,  Nadra A,  Rodríguez P and  Sánchez I. TECNOx: A Latin American Syn Bio (and more) student competition. 2016. Plos SynBio Blog.


Ron M., Kajala K., Pauluzzi G., Wang D., Renoso M., Zumstein K., Garcha J., Winte S., Masson H., Inagaki S, Federici F., Sinha N., Deal R., Bailey-Serres J., Brady S. Hairy root transformation using Agrobacterium rhizogenes as a tool for exploring cell type-specific gene expression and function using tomato as a model. 2014. Plant Physiology 166 (2):455-692

Benjamin D. and Federici F. Biologic. (2014) in book “Synthetic Aesthetics” by Endy D. Ginsberg D. and Elfick A. MIT press. US (2014).


*Rudge T.,*Federici F., *Steiner P.J., Kan A. and Haseloff J. Cell Polarity-Driven Instability Generates Self-Organized, Fractal Patterning of Cell Layers. 2013. ACS Synthetic Biology, 2 (12), pp 705–714.
(*joint first author)

Federici F., Rudge T., Pollak B., Haseloff J., Gutierrez R. Synthetic Biology: opportunities for Chilean bioindustry and education. 2013 Biological Research 46, 383-393.

Benjamin D. and Federici F. Bioprocessing. in book “Bio Design: Nature + Science + Creativity” by Myers W. and Antonelli P.. MoMA-NY. Museum of Modern Art, New York editorial. US. (2013)


*Federici F., *Dupuy L., Laplaze L., Heisler M., and Haseloff J. Integrated genetic and computation methods for in planta cytometry. 2012. Nature Methods 9: 483-485.
(*joint first author)


Aquea F., Federici F., Moscoso C., Vega A., Haseloff J. and Arce-Johnson. A molecular framework for the inhibition of Arabidopsis root growth in response to boron toxicity. 2011. Plant Cell and Environment 35:719-34.

Maizel A., Wangenheim D., Federici F., Haseloff J., and Stelzer E., High-resolution live imaging of plant growth in near physiological bright conditions using light sheet fluorescence microscopy. 2011. Plant Journal 68:377-85.


*Ubeda-Tomás S., *Federici F., Casimiro I., Beemster G., Bhalerao R., Swarup R, Doerner P., Haseloff J., Bennett M. Gibberellin signalling in the endodermis controls Arabidopsis root meristem size. 2009 Current Biology 19:1194-9.
(*joint first author)


*Poupin M., *Federici F., Medina C., Matus J., Timmermann T., Arce-Johnson P. Isolation of the three grape sub-lineages of B-class MADS-box TM6, PISTILLATA and APETALA3 genes, which are differentially expressed during flower and fruit development. 2007 Gene 404:10-24. (*joint first author)


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