Sponsorship for Conicyt Postdoctoral Grant in the research area of Role of sRNAs on Arabidopsis root development and plant responses to the environment.

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The Millennium Institute for Integrative Biology (iBio) invites Chilean and Foreigner researchers interested in applying to the Concurso Postdoctorado FONDECYT 2019 in the research area of Role of sRNAs on Arabidopsis root development and plant responses to the environment.
The ideal candidate should have strong background in molecular biology (biologist, biochemist, biotechnologist) and a strong interest in genomics and bioinformatics. The candidate is expected to be familiar or able to quickly learn different system biology approaches to model regulatory networks as well as analyzing omics data. Previous experience working with plant models is highly desirable for a quick start of the project.
The project may last 2 to 3 years and will be of full time dedication. Fondecyt Postdoc funding includes researcher’s salary, travel and operating expenses. Additionally, researchers living abroad can request a one- time spenditure for installation and travel costs.
Candidates should submit applications electronically before 20 of August to Elena Vidal (contact@miissb.org) including copy of the PhD degree, curriculum vitae, at least 2 reference letters and a letter of intent explaining their research interest in this area. Interested researchers in applying to Fondecyt Postdoctoral with iBio sponsorship should have received their doctorate from January 1, 2015 on. For female researchers who have given birth between January 1, 2015 and the closing date of the application, this requirement is extended until January 1, 2014.
Applicants that have been previously awarded Postdoc Fondecyt are excluded from this call. Women are encouraged to apply.

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