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Francisco Cubillos




2007                Molecular Engineering Biotechnology B.Sc degree, University of Chile.

2008                Master in Microbiology University of Chile, Yeast Population Genetics, Advisor: Claudio Martínez

2010                PhD in Genetics University of Nottingham, 2010, Multi-parent populations in yeast, Advisor: Prof Ed Louis

2013                Postdoctoral Fellow INRA-Versailles, 2013, Natural variation in non-coding regions in Arabidopsis thaliana, Advisor: Olivier Loudet

APPOINTMENTS (2015-2022)

2013–present Associate Professor at Universidad de Santiago de Chile, Chile

2022 – present Associate Researcher Millenium Nucleus LiLi

2017 –present Associate Researcher Millenium Institute for Integrative Biology.

2016                 Young investigator of the Millennium Nucleus for Fungal Integrative and Synthetic Biology


2020-2022     President of the Chilean Genetics Society
2020-2021      Ministerial Advisory Committee Genomic Sequencing SARS-CoV-2. Ministerio de Ciencias.
2021                President Organizer Latin American Congress of Genetics ALAG2021.
2020                Organizing Committee Genetic Annual Meeting 2020. Virtual, Chile
2018                Congress Regional Organizing Committee ISSY34, Bariloche, Argentina
2018                Organizing Committee Genetic Annual Meeting 2018. Puerto Varas, Chile.
2016 – 2018    Accreditation Committee of the Doctoral Program in Biotechnology. Universidad de Santiago de Chile


2022 – present    Luis Saona
2022 – present    Felipe Muñoz
2021 – present    Macarena Araya
2020 – present    Pablo Villarreal
2020 – present    Jennifer Molinet
2019 – 2022       Wladimir Mardones
2017 – 2020       Carlos Villarroel


Current           Franco Vega
Current           Tomas Peña
Current           Vasni Zavaleta
Current           Pablo Quintrel
Current           Chrisitan Oporto
Current           Agustin Cofré


2020                Leonor Alvarado
2016                Mara Cuevas.


Current           Lucas Araya
Current           Javier del Pino
Current           Marlene Leal
Current           Sebastian Espinoza
Current           Felipe Sandoval
Current           Juan Navarrete
Current           Francisco Torres
Current           Martin Domeyko
Current           Dario Gonzalez
2022              Antonio Molina
2022              Constanza Acuña
2022              José Benavides
2022              Alex Valenzuela
2021              Camila Venegas
2021              Javier Herrara
2021              Alonso Marquez
2021              Constanza Vidal
2021              Sebastián Olivares
2021              Daniela Escobar
2021              Carolina Leiva
2020              Sebastián Flores
2020              Tomás Peña
2018              Kamila Urbina
2018              Pablo Quintrel


2021                TWAs Young Investigator
2020                EMBO Global Investigator
2016                Beca Santander for internship in Jose Manuel Guillamon’s laboratory, Valencia, Spain.

GRANTS as PI (2015-2022)

2022 – 2026    FONDECYT Regular 1220026 ‘Genomic and transcriptional profiling of fermentative vigor in laboratory lager yeast hybrids.. Investigador Principal.

2022 – 2025    Associated researcher Grant Millennium Nucelus LiLi.

2021-2025      EMBO Global Investigator. Phylogenomic studies in ethanol-tolerant yeast from Patagonia. Principal Investigator.

2020 – 2022    Networking Grant CONICYT-PCI REDES for International Scientific Cooperation Universidad de Santiago de Chile – University of Madison Wisconsin – TU Delft. ‘The SynVAR Collaborative Network: Yeast genetics for Synthetic Biology and Natural Variation advances innative Patagonian yeasts’. Principal Investigator.

2019 – 2022    Research Grant for International Scientific Cooperation ECOS/CONICYT C18B03 ‘Genomic and physiological Characterization of ethanol-producing yeast populations from Patagonia’. Principal Researcher.

2018 – 2020    FIC Región de los Rios. ‘Hacia la denominación de origen de la cerveza de Los Ríos: descubriendo una levadura nativa’. Co-Researcher

2018 – 2022    FONDECYT Regular 1180161 ‘Decoding the genomic and phenomic complexity of the cryotolerant yeast Saccharomyces eubayanus’. Principal Investigator.

2018 – present Associate researcher Millennium Institute for Integrative Systems and Synthetic Biology (iBio).

2016-2017      Research Grant Millennium Nucleus in Synthetic Fungi Biology MNFISB. Associate Researcher.

2017                Grant Proyectos Extraordinarios USACH 021771CR_CONT ‘Genetic and phenotypic variability in S. cerevisiae natural populations of industrial interest’.

2016 – 2017    PCI-Conicyt. Redes 150077. Networking Grant for International Scientific Cooperation Universidad de Santiago de Chile – INRA Montpellier, France with Prof Sylvie Dequin. ‘Applied yeast genetics for high quality food products’.

2014 – 2017    FONDECYT 11140097. Research Grant FONDECYT de Iniciación ‘Quantitative genetic analysis of the response to mycotoxins in yeast’.

2013 – 2016    ECOS-CONICYT CB1302. Research Grant for International Scientific Cooperation ECOS/CONICYT 2013 ‘Identification of allelic variants underlying Nitrogen Metabolism in yeast through an integrative BS-RNA seq approach’ together with Dr. Gianni Liti, IRCAN, France.

2013 – 2015    CONICYT-PAI 82130010: Research Returning Grant ‘Study of the regulatory variants underlying natural diversity in Saccharomyces cerevisiae’ Program ‘Apoyo al Retorno de Investigadores/as desde el Extranjero – Convocatoria 2012’.


2020-2022      FIC Región de los Rios-Chile. Supporting economic re-activation of the brewing Industry in the Rios Region. Co-researcher.

2017-2020      INACH Regular Project RT_09_16 to Dr. Claudio Saez. ‘Biochemical and molecular responses disclose mechanisms of Antarctic macroalgae to thrive under Climate Change’. Co-PI

2016                Millennium Nucleus MN-FISB. Research Grant Millennium Nucleus in Synthetic Fungi Biology. Young Researcher. 2016.

2015-2019      FONDECYT 1150522. Research Grant FONDECYT Regular to Dr. Claudio Martínez. ‘Identification of natural genetic variants underlying nitrogen assimilation diversity in yeast’. Co-PI

2013-2015      Fic Gore Atacama 33 03 248 Establishment of sustainable systems for process control Pajarete Wine production in the province of Huasco to strengthen their local identity to Angélica Ganga. Co-PI


During the Millenium Institute Dr Cubillos has developed a series of outreach activities with brewers, teaching them about yeast microbiology and bacteria spoilage in the brewery environment. Cubillos organized over four events, involving more than 300 beer producers across different cities in the country.


Dr Cubillos has a series of international collaborations, mostly within Europe and USA. Among other, Dr Cubillos actively collaborates with Dr Gianni Liti (IRCAN-France) through an ECOS – CONICYT GRANT and Dr. Gilles Fischer, fundend by another ECOS-CONICYT Grant. Moreover, recently Dr Cubillos got another international grant awarded to collaborate beer yeast specialist from the Nethederlands and US. Dr Cubillos also collaborates with Dr Amparo Querol from IATA – Valencia with whom he has been collaborating for the past years in Spain. Similarly, Dr Cubillos has a series of informal collaborations with teams in Finland (Dr Brian Gibson, VTT Technical Research Centre Espoo), Dr Rike Stelkens (Stockholm University, Sweden), Dr Diego Libkind (Universidad Nacional del Comahue, Argentina), Dr Duncan Greig (UCL, UK) and Dr Jonas Warringer (Gothenburg University, Sweden).



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